Finally, A Makeup For Women Who Can't Wear Makeup

Women with conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or sensitive skin, as well as people who have undergone recent aesthetic or surgical procedures, often find that they are extremely limited, if not prohibited completely, when it comes to what they can put on their face. Traditional makeup, while it may provide some coverage, generally worsens the problems it is meant to cover. But in an age of beauty, many women will sacrifice the condition of their skin in hopes of achieving a look of flawless perfection. As a result, women have been forced to choose between their appearance and the condition of their skin. But not anymore.

Now for the first time, women who have not been able to wear makeup have a solution: Dermacia is the first truly breathable foundation that provides flawless coverage while improving and actually helping to heal the skin. Dermacia Breathable Foundation contains the proprietary Lycogel Complex with LYCD, a patented ingredient proven to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your skin. In fact, studies prove that Dermacia Breathable Foundation increased the oxygen content of skin by 6.2% just 8 hours after application and by 10.1% after 4 weeks of wearing the foundation.

Dermacia Breathable Foundation combines technical innovation, unparalleled quality of ingredients and formulation, and precise skin tone color matching for a foundation that is breathable, oxygenating and nearly undectable. Dermacia Breathable Foundation not only lets skin breathe, but actually promotes healthy skin by allowing even more oxygen to reach it than if you were wearing no make-up at all.

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