Dermacia Breathable Cleanser and Toner
"Dermacia Cleanser will unlock the makeup and leave your skin clean, healthy and beautiful" Barry Knapp

  1. Apply cleanser to damp face and throat with moistened fingertips or a gentle sponge.   Rinse completely with lukewarm water. Blot Dry with a towel.

  2. After cleansing, apply toner onto face and throat with a cotton ball using circular   motions. Do not rinse off. Follow with Dermacia Breathable Moisture.

Dermacia Breathable Moisture
  1. Spray evenly over freshly cleansed skin before applying Dermacia Breathable   Foundation.

  2. Spray lightly over makeup anytime for a refreshing mist of hydration.

Dermacia Breathable Foundation
  Dermacia Breathable Foundation combines cosmetic and skin care technology to   create the first makeup that is truly good for your skin. Our patented triple silica gel base   allows your skin to breathe, while the exclusive LYCOGEL complex actually increases   the amount of oxygen that reaches your skin!

  1. Place a small amount of Dermacia onto a wedge sponge or Dermacia foundation and   apply in a downward motion, blending over the entire face and neck as needed.

  2. One application gives a smooth, natural look or you could apply in buildable layers for   a more complete coverage.

Dermacia Breathable Color

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