Lycogel allows skin to breathe

14 January, 2006

Lycogelâ„¢ color-corrective foundation allows skin to breathe

Lycogel[TM] Foundation is the first color-corrective foundation that contains LYCD (Live Yeast Cell Derivatives), a known tissue respiratory factor that facilitates oxygen, allowing the skin to breathe. Ideal for post-surgical use or on irritated skin types (i.e., rosacea, acne), Lycogel contains exclusive ingredients that work together to encourage moisture and oxygen back into the treated/ irritated zones, assisting in the recovery process while creating the illusion of perfect skin. Also available as a concealer for hard to cover areas.

Contact: Lyco Science, 660 Newport Center Dr., Ste. 900, Newport Beach, Calif., 92660 1-888-800-4627.

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