Make-up range makes jump from burns patients to mass market

14 January, 2006

Make-up range makes jump from burns patients to mass market

5/11/2005 - Dermacia has launched a version of its Lycogel camoflague make-up on to the mass market world-wide. Lycogel has been used by burn patients and reconstructive surgery patients and following extensive medical studies a comparable cosmeceutical line is being launched under the name Firmaire, reports Simon Pitman.

The company says that the new products will address the estimated 50 million people who cannot use traditional cosmetics due to sensitive skin conditions, including rosacea, acne, psoriasis, and eczema.
A series of marketing initiatives, including an Internet campaign, product sampling, an infomercial in productionand retail placements, will augment Dermacia's existing scientific product sales, currently sold through surgical and dermatological centers across the US.

The company says its marketing thrust follows detailed studies that demonstrated the market void for commercial products with the properties of the Firmaire line of foundation, facial concealers, and moisturizers with revolutionary curative properties similar to Dermacia's successful Lycogel product.

Unlike mainstream cosmetics that ‘suffocate' the skin, Lycogel - and now Firmaire - have a patent-pending tissue respiratory factor that increases the amount of oxygen to the skin - in effect, allowing up to 300 per cent more air to reach the skin than leading makeup brands and, most notably, 10 per cent more than wearing no makeup at all, the company claims.

The product was first introduced four years ago and was extensively tested prior to being introduced. Lycogel is available in the US only through physicians and is used by numerous medical clinics, hospitals and burn centers to speed recovery and minimize scarring of burn victims and patients undergoing reconstructive surgery.

Dermacia, which was established in 2000, combines biotechnology, cosmeceuticals, cosmetics and nanotechnology as the technology hub for skin care products marketed under the Lycogel and, now, the Firmaire names. Lycogel products, sold exclusively through medical professionals, are designed for post-plastic surgery cover and special camouflage applications, facilitating rapid healing of wounds, scars and burns while providing effective cover.

"We know that there are an estimated 50 million people who cannot wear conventional makeup as a result of sensitive skin or skin disease. The studies conducted about our product gave us a clear indication that Firmaire's combined ability to promote therapeutic healing while allowing the skin to breathe and function as a superior form of makeup would appeal to this vast market," said Barry Knapp, Dermacia president and co-founder.

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