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13 January, 2006

Dermacia form R&D Subsidiary to Promote Genetic Skin Care Products

Dermacia, a company that develops cosmetics that are designed to enhance the health and healing of the skin, has formed a biomedical research and development subsidiary, National Genecular Institute, Inc. That subsidiary plans to study the role genes plan in skin and skin aging.

Matt Nicosia, Dermacia's CEO, elaborated on the potential of the genetic research, "We strongly believe that a focused research effort in this area will accelerate the introduction of more revolutionary products and will usher in the next generation of cosmeceuticals and skin care -- where each person can get custom made, individualized products that are targeted only at their own skin's characteristics and susceptibilities, such as sun sensitivity, tendency to form wrinkles, predisposition to early aging or skin cancers, etc. In the near future, we expect each customer will be able to take a simple, self administered swab of their inner cheek, return it to National Genecular Institute, and within days receive customized products for them based on their personal DNA."

Mr. Nicosia also outlined the uses of its present product line, which are often used after serious burns or surgery, "This is a natural extension of Dermacia's cosmeceutical business. We already produce specialized products, using our groundbreaking breathable base technology and unmatched color and cover, combined with patent-pending proprietary ingredients and complexes that facilitate healing and permit the product to be applied directly on raw skin following a burn or surgery. Research at National Genecular Institute is in the areas of nanotechnology applications, molecular genetics of the skin, and skin diseases and conditions. We will be able to produce products that are so precisely matched to the individual's skin needs as to address even genetic skin factors of which the customer is unaware because the associated skin problems have not yet manifested themselves. This will give consumers the confidence that they are doing all they can for the health of their skin today, as well as applying the best available prevention for their particular skin problems of tomorrow."

Cosmeceutical is a term Dermacia uses that refers to cosmetics and skin care products that have therapeutic benefits and active ingredients in addition to traditional color and coverage properties.

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