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14 January, 2006

Information on Lycogel makeup: what it is, what it is used for, and what conditions it is used for

In the world today, image is a high priority for most people. We all want to have perfect, flawless skin. But the truth is that most of us have skin that has been marked by time and acne. Then there are those people whose skin has been marred either by burns or reconstructive surgery. For these people, they wish they had the skin that the rest of us want to hide. They would like to have average looking skin, let alone the flawless, perfect look. But now, thanks to the Lycogel products, they can have the appearance of beautiful, blemish free skin.

Lycogel is a cover up makeup that is a color corrective makeup and is formulated for all skin types. It was originally formulated for covering up problems on the skin such as serious acne, burns, and reconstructive surgical procedures. This process uses a system that measures the tones and hues of your skin to match almost any skin tone. This is done by a process called "cross pigment factor system". It uses only four shades. One of these will match any skin tone.

Lycogel was developed by the Dermacia, Inc. company that was established in 2000. Through use of biotechnology, cosmeceuticals, cosmetics and nanotechnology, they developed the Lycogel product in 2001. This product was extensively tested before it was introduced to the medical public. The company used a 12 point purity evaluation to test this product. Up until the year 2005, it was only available through physicians, clinics, hospitals, and burn centers in the U.S. It was used in these places to speed up the recovery of burn victims and to minimize scarring from reconstructive surgery.

After using this product for these patients and achieving such great results, the company decided to market a product similar to the Lycogel product. It would be marketed worldwide and be available to the public without a physicians referral. It uses the Lycogel technology as a base. It is marketed under the name Firmaire(TM). The company offers a foundation, facial concealors and moisturizers. This product is great for many people with sensitive or healing skin because it promotes healing and allows the skin to breathe. The company still offers Lycogel Complex(TM) through physicians. The Lycogel line consists of a camouflage foundation, concealor and a moisturizing anti-inflammatory spray. The Dermacia, Inc. company is based out of Newport Beach, California. The Lycogel Complex(TM) is a product that has tissue respiratory factors and has a breathable triple-silica gel base. It delivers additional amounts of oxygen to the wounded area. The additional oxygen helps promote healing and helps to minimize scarring. The Lycogel product contains live yeast cell derivatives. These cell derivatives are what helps make more oxygen. The ingredients in Lycogel blended together promote moisture and oxygen back to the damaged area. The oxygen and moisture is what is needed for a faster recovery. While the skin is healing, the camouflage element of the makeup, gives you the look of flawless skin. Lycogel allows a person to go back to work and resume normal activities without being embarrassed by scars, bruising or wounds, while they are healing.

The Lycogel product is used by patients who have had chemical peels. These patients saw a two-day advance in recovery compared to the patients who did not use it. It can be used right after these procedures. It can be used to cover conditions such as rosacea, acne and other permanent discolorations such as birthmarks.

Lycogel contains UVA and UVB sun protection. It also contains titanium dioxide with moisutrizers. This keeps the skin protected and hydrated. It will stay on the skin even after heavy exercise and swimming. It is also hypoallergenic and can be used by the most sensitive skin types. Lycogel is a gel based product that lets the skin breathe. Most of your other camouflage makeup contains creams and oils with alcohol based preservatives that can decrease the amount of oxygen to the skin. This can cause irritation to the skin.

The Lycogel Complex(TM) product leaves the skin feeling clean and not weighted down with makeup. It does not cake and provides a flawless coverage for hours. This product gives you the coverage that is needed while leaving your skin feeling clean and pure. Lycogel was only sold in the U.S., but now they have developed the new product Firmaire(TM) it is sold worldwide. This is a great confidence booster for the people who have had to suffer embarrassment over the years because of skin problems. Lycogel is a product that is endorsed by The American Society for Anesthetic Plastic Surgery and by plastic surgeons and hospitals throughout the world.

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