Covering patients through recovery

14 January, 2006

The First Breathable Makeup That Can be Applied Directly After Surgery

Surgery patients are able to apply this product immediately after procedures such as chemical peels, skin resurfacing, laser work or in short, anything that causes redness, swelling or bruising. Lycogel contains UVA/UVB sun protection titanium dioxide and moisturizers, so the skin is protected and hydrated even after swimming or heavy exercising. The pharmaceutical grade ingredients found in Lycogel are tested in a 12 Point Purity Evaluation ensuring that the skin is left feeling soothed, protected and looking flawless for hours.

Using an exclusive, scientifically proven system that measures the color tones and hues of your skin called "Cross Pigment Factor System" technology, Dermacia was able to develop Lycogel to match nearly every skin tone using only four shades. Choosing the perfect match of the patient's skin tone will be quick and effortless.

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