Finally, I found a foundation that works with my acne

16 January, 2006

A Breathable foundation that saved me!

I searched and couldn't find a skin foundation that would hide my acne without making it worse. It seems that the foundations I'd use would just clog my pores and make my acne worse. Of course there's acne cream which is colored to match your skin but you can't cover all your face with it! Plus those creams get dry and crack. So, one night I see this infomercial with Rachel Hunter and I'm thinking ya-ya here's another cream making claims. But I watch and see this one girl with acne apply it and she looked great. Once they metioned a risk free guarantee, I'm figuring well, I'll give it a shot. I'm so glad I did!! The foundation really breathes! At night before bed, I apply my acne cream, and during the day I use the Dermacia breathable foundation and it feels velvety and natural on my skin. My acne condition is improving since my foundation isn't clogging my pores anymore! I finally feel pretty again and I'm not shy about my acne anymore because it is totally concealed. I feel more confident! Just thought I'd share.. This stuff is heaven sent.

Alison, Virginia

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