Yes, finally I found Dermacia foundation

26 January, 2006

I was watching CBS Early show and saw the Dermacia Foundation

For the last couple months I've been searching for this foundation makeup. I didn't know the name because I tried it one night out dancing from a girl. Long story but I was in the ladies room 'touching up' my makeup when this girl beside me said I should try this foundation. Her skin looked perfect, and I was a little shy at first but she insisted. She was saying that dancing all night long that this foundation would stand up and not rub off etc... So I tried it and it was awesome. I remembered what the bottle looked like but didn't remember the name. Later that night, we went out for a bite with some guys and my friends noticed my skin, and commented that I looked great and my skin looked soft and evenly colored. Well, it's like the cinderella story, because after that night I couldn't find the product... Until just now!!! I was flipping channels and found on the CBS early morning show, they were doing a bit on makeup tips with the Good Housekeeping magazine editor. There it was, I recognized the bottle and it was Lycogel by Dermacia. I searched the internet and found the Yeah!! I'm ready to go out dancing with my friends looking my best!
Thanks a million

Francis, New York

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